In this game, you control the Bloodmancer - an evil mage that seeks four crystals of nature. These crystals combined empower their owner beyond imagination!


  • Move left -> [Left arrow], [A] 
  • Move right -> [Right arrow], [D]
  • Jump -> [Spacebar]
  • Use skill 1 -> [1] (under F1)
  • Use skill 2 -> [2] (under F2)
  • Leave body -> [K]
  • Use -> [F]

Hi, I made this game as a project for Ludum Dare 43 (Jam). This is my first time participating in such event, also my first time working on 2D game in Unity3D (damn you OnTriggerEnter2D!) 

The theme of LD43 is "Sacrifices must be made" - I've had some ideas, like - you sacrifice time spent with family/loved ones for work/drinking/watching videos etc. But I didn't know how to transform that idea into game.. So the game I created in the end is kinda darker.. With more blood and death. Yet maybe it's less depressing that the "time sacrifice" game.

The game is kinda gory.. so if you are not into that, don't play it. 

I haven't had too much time to create this game (for sure not 72 hours :(), this was my first jam, my preparations were shit (my fault!) and I have used assets (graphics, music, sounds) made by others (allowed by LD). 

I will add links to 3rd party work soon! (When I get some sleep) 

Assets (I will try to add all, if I forget some, please, lemme know and I'll add them asap):


some 2D platformer pack I cannot find :))



Bloodmancer_LD43_Cipery.rar 20 MB

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